Wednesday, July 11, 2012


More baking here today. Although I don't think this really qualifies as actual 'baking'. More just mixing a few ingredients in a bowl, abit of rolling and sprinkling and that's about it really!

These little beauties have been around for years and years. We used to make them as kids and called them Whisky Balls (was mum feeding us whisky?!!) Some people call them Rum Balls but  here at the whitefarm we call them Yum Yum balls. Not sure how that name came about, I think my son made it up but its very very appropriate because they are definately YUM!!


                                                                               Yum Yum Balls

1 tin condensed milk
2 level tablspns cocoa powder
1/2 cup coconut, plus abit extra in a bowl for later
1 pkt marie biscuits, crushed
1 teaspn vanilla extract
1 teaspn sherry or whisky (here is why they have been called whisky or rum balls but we have never added either. The vanilla is easily enough to add the right flavour. The old recipe I use has this in it as an 'optional' so feel free to do as you wish!!)

1. Crush the packet of marie biscuits up to a really fine crumb mixture. You can do this in a food processor but sometimes that just seems to hard (?!) so we throw the biscuits in a zip lock bag then bang and roll them with a rolling pin. Can be quite therapeutic too! Set them aside until you need them later.

2. In a large bowl mix together the condensed milk, cocoa powder and vanilla.

3. Add the coconut and then the crushed marie biscuits.

4. Take all your gorgeous rings off your fingers and roll the gooey sticky mixture into smallish balls.

5. Roll the gooey balls in coconut until they're completely covered and pop on a plate.

6. Once you've finished them all cover with clingwrap and pop in the fridge to set. Once they're set I then transfer them to a container and keep in the fridge.

And just to add a warning...these will not last long! But thankfully they are super easy to whip up another batch!!


                                   Janelle  xx

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