Thursday, July 19, 2012


My mind is a big fat jumble of ideas and inspirations for projects at the moment. Sometimes that can be so overwhelming (and exciting!) that it can be difficult to know where to start. And what to actually get finished!

At the moment I'm on a mission to get the shelves I've started painting finished and hung up in the kitchen. And then of course there will be the big decisions like what to sit on the shelves and then maybe I need to go hunting for some new/old treasures to add to them?!

I also have a benchseat, the odd bedroom, and bathroom to paint, a couch I'd love to recover (no real idea how to go about that one but how hard can it be?!!?) a table to strip back and yep, paint, a few picture frames to deal with,a couple of lampshades to recover, and did I mention we're moving one of the girls into a different bedroom?

I'm also craving colour lately (symptom of mid-winter?!) so was very excited to find these gorgeous fabric bundles in a local craft shop.

I'm thinking these would make great cushion covers. I am certainly not suffering from a shortage of cushions (?!) but for a quick, easy, and cheap shot of colour I think a few cushions thrown about are hard to beat.


I won't bother mentioning the 2 desks to be sanded, craft area to organize, hallway to, well, do something with, decks to be dealt with, oh! and that then leads on to the garden.......


                                   Janelle  xx

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