Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Return to Blogging.......

Hello hello hello!!!

My goodness, I feel like I haven't blogged in so long....probably because I haven't?!


Not sure why I gave myself a little/large blog break...I think a combo of just needing it and I've also been having way too much loads of fun over on my instagram account...I am awhitefarm over there too...if you aren't following along I would LOVE to see you over there too!! I must say though, as far as picture posting and just plain old ranting and raving nothing compares to having one's own little place in the blogging world!!


I have heaps to pop on and share here with you guys....projects - just seem to keep starting more and more new things, anyone else like that??!!....baking - of course!....and just a bit of life in general really - I love stalking hearing/seeing what other mums/creatives/women/anyone really are getting up to...don't you?!! So inspiring and just, well, interesting!!


So on that note...here's a couple of little impulse purchases I made recently...a cane type ball thingy which I think can be hung up...is possibly meant to be a Christmas decoration...but which I just liked and thought could work somewhere in the house!! The other is a candle which really, I just picked up because I loved the colour and style of the bottle but bonus!!...smells delicious too!!! Always a good thing when lighting a scented candle??!!


I hope you are enjoying the first part of your week...busy busy busy time of the year yes??!

See you around again SOON.....so good to be back!!!!!!!

                                                              Janelle  xx