Monday, July 9, 2012

Makeover time!...

I love a good project. Nothing better. Especially when that project doesn't take much time or money!!
These stools definately fit into that category. I found them sitting together, lost and neglected, out the back of a great secondhand/antiques store not far from where we live.
This is what they looked like, well minus the bog which my husband slapped on before I could snap a pic...

 Ick, yes?!? Gotta look for the potential tho right?! I'm thinking kitchen bench stools and I really like the 'grassy weaving'(?!) on the top but that pine had to go. So after a good scrub, sand and a couple of coats of primer I applied several coats of berger 'puritan', a nice antiquey kind of off white which I've used before and knew would blend in with our kitchen bench.

And here's the finished product...


(Next project - paint up some shelves for that bare kitchen wall!)

Love them!! They match in great with our kitchen and should be very handy to prop up on for a quick  cuppa or for my little 'helpers' to perch on while I cook!

A good start to the week!!....

                               Janelle xx


  1. Wow, great looking stools! The seats look brand new, in a nice vintage kinda way ;)
    What a lucky find, and a very nice makeover.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm really happy with them, tho they seem to be looking even more 'vintagey' each day with 3 kids constantly climbing up on them! x