Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Progress Report.....

So Hello there! Good week so far? I am definitely in a housey frenzy know, when the inspiration to change up pretty much your whole house hits? Yeah...that's happening big time...and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get stuff done...or enough $$ to do what I imagine in my head and want done RIGHT NOW!!! So, to keep myself happy, and therefore the whole house happy, I am taking it in baby steps. Painted baby steps I should probably add...honestly it is a miracle that the cat hasn't been painted at this point...oh wait...he did.


So with painting a few bits and pieces for various rooms I have also purchased a few inexpensive yet I-love-them-to-bits odds and ends too which I think will help bring a little bit of spark back into the place.
Here's the yellow chair taking her rightful place at the dining table...see that raw timber chair on the end? Yep...that has succumbed to the brush too and is currently sitting pretty on a drop sheet wearing a few new layers of primer....


I've been wanting to change up the light that was hanging over the dining table for awhile now...I did love our old one but it really wasn't in keeping with the rest of our house so when I accidently layed my eyes on this one a week or so ago I loved it immediately and knew it belonged here with us on the farm....


Isn't she shiny and pretty?? And I love love love the red cord.....mmmmm....yummy....
I'm still debating with myself I'm very good at that   as to whether I get a matching one for over the island bench...on the one hand it would probably look lovely...on the other hand I'm just not big on matchy-matchy and the two shades are of the same shape and type.....hhmmmmm......


And these bench stools are my lucky find of the week...from Aldi...I know!! Seriously, what DOESN'T that store have?!!? I love how these really lift and funk-up typed that one very carefully  the kitchen...I'm finding I'm wanting a little more modern about the place lately...clean, shiny, functional.....amongst the sea of old and ratty around here!!?!


So so much more to do but one must be Patient. Pffftt....I detest even writing that dirty P word....


Well that's my little progress report completed and handed in...would love to hear of any other DIY projects happening out there.....I am loooving getting messy at the moment.....

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay happy.....

                                                                                      Janelle  xx                                                                              


  1. We're in the middle of a makeover of a room that will become the Home Office/Library/Guest Room. I cannot happen fast enough for me! Hideous blue Laminate built-ins are now white, floral vertical blinds are in the bin (yes, I said floral!!!), hubby is off getting more paint for the walls and hopefully next week we can start buying new blinds & a bed!
    I'm curious- What colour are you painting the other chair?
    Sarah @stayathometerritory

    1. Oh you sound busy! Other chair is now yellow and at the table with it's yellow mate! :)

  2. Love the yellow chair and I to am loving changing some stuff around as well!

  3. I'm feeling you on the 'patience'word! I want to change my sofas to the ikea ektorp sofas but have vowed to sell what I have first in order to fund the new ones!

    1. That's very sensible of you...I don't think I'd have that restraint!! ;)