Friday, February 21, 2014

Catching Up.....

Well Hey There!! First blog post for the week...late on a Friday evening...whoops. We have switched to a new computer so between a few technical difficulties, those being me not actually knowing even how to turn the new one on until yesterday, and the usual busy busy around here has kind of got in the way of this little blog this week.
So...what has been going on here? Creative crafty paint-anything-you-see kind of things really.
First up...I bought a tin of yellow paint. This scared me a tad , yellow can be a tricky colour to get right but with a name like "yellow rose" could I go wrong??!


And there we are...I have a yellow chair. Oooohhh. This chair has been around forever, it's been stained, painted white, been chippy painted, but recently was just looking..well..a bit foul. So I figured if I was going to paint anything yellow it may as well be this chair. And I'm really pleased I did! It is brightening up the room already and once it has it's final coat of paint applied will be moved back to the dining table to spread it's bright happy cheer to our meal times...


I'm in the process of a little mini makeover for the kitchen/dining area, just wanting to spark things up a bit, and can hopefully share more next week!
Moving on and we have a bit of knitting...always a good thing surely. Since I have spent the past 3 years or so (slight exaggeration but it's been awhile) crocheting my grey rug I haven't really thought of knitting. Until the other night when the urge to whip up a cosy jumper for my coffee mug hit me. I'm sure that happens more than people admit. Yes???!?


And of course I couldn't stop at one. I haven't ditched the crochet stick completely though and have been experimenting with some crochet edges...and I like it!!


And I shall leave it there for tonight...must be time to curl up and get cosy I think......

Have a fab weekend....

                                                        Janelle  xx                                                                                                                                                              

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  1. HI!! Just wondering what 'brand' the paint is? been looking for a nice yellow, not too OTT, maybe it could be the one im looking for too? TDWxx