Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Project Time......

Well Hello was your weekend folks? Ours was a little bit productive, a little bit entertaining, a little bit social and a little bit hang-about-the-house (always my fave)....all in all a good one I would say.
So, whilst the husb was in a hang-about-the-house stage I ever so nicely managed to steer him more towards the productive stage as I had had the thought earlier last week to change up our bedside tables. That ever happen to you? Just out of the blue a little idea creeps in and it seems so obvious and easy that it would be silly not to pester your husband to help you  go with it??


The bedside tables in our bedroom are both hand-me-downs that we have had forever. I have never bothered to replace them as nothing else has really jumped out at me and really, these function quite well...they are the perfect height for our bed and the cupboards are a good size to hold a reasonable amount of junk items....


They were originally both timber with a coat of varnish  popped over the top. A few years back we sanded them back and I slapped some white paint over them with a little rubbed back effect happening. That was definitely an improvement and did help to lighten things up a bit. We have since painted our bed white (from black) and tossed out some other furniture but things still looked just a tad blah and bland. And matchy. Matchy matchy!! Oh no....


So my idea was to take back the tops to timber but then just leave them in a nice raw and rough state. Which my husband very kindly helped me with on the weekend. I really like how they've come up but yep...still got that matchy match thing going on.....


I'm thinking my next plan of attack is to completely strip back the table on my side (the one with the gorgeous hydrangeas sitting on it. Oh yes and the knitting book. Just in case you thought that may have been Mr WF's side...) then maybe slap some form of colour (yes...we are having a major "colour moment" around here at the mo) maybe a yellow? green? Still working on that.....


For now though I am just enjoying the raw timber tops....and plotting what else I may need to finish this room a bit of plotting, don't you?!?


Ok I am off to start dinner...minestrone soup tonight...what's on the go at your place??

Have a fab week and stay happy :) ..... :)

                                                                          Janelle  xx



  1. Hi Janelle. Your bedside tables look great, I don't think they look matchy matchy at all because they are a different style!!!. Also loved the pretty quilt you made- I've written a list of projects now that school is back- should keep me going until summer hols next year!!! Have a good week, Karen

    1. Thanks! And yes, I have one of those lists too!!

  2. Hi Janelle. Just saw your blog featured in inside out mag. Well done!