Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Peeps!!!

Hello and Happy New Year!!!


 I hope you are all enjoying a fun and relaxing holiday period...I obviously am as I don't feel like I've been around here much lately!! That will soon change as I get back to reality and routine....but let's not rush that please!!?! So we enjoyed a quiet Christmas with family and are now enjoying lazing around the home together with the occasional beach trip thrown in for good measure. I have definitely found my craft groove again and have a zillion projects swarming about in my brain....not sure if that's a great or a dangerous thing!! My goal at the moment is to actually get these hairbrained schemes of mine finished...always a challenge for me!


Do you have any dreams or goals for this coming year? I'm never really one to make set-in-concrete resolutions...I know myself too well for that these days!! However I do think New Year is a great time to just give a quick and quiet reflection of what we may want to achieve and set about really going for it. I am hoping to actually stop dreaming so much (but really...who am I kidding?!)...take a deep breath and just DO it!! Both personally and on the White Farm front stay tuned!! I also plan on simplifying alot of things around here...both materialistically (??!?) and mentally. Basically to just work out what really matters for both me and my little fam...cultivate that...and chuck out the rest!!


Oh yeah....and to keep life FUN!!!

Are you with me??

See you soon......

                                                        Janelle  xx                                                                                


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