Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Crochet Tale.......

Ok...let's get this 2014 party started shall we?? Hows a little crazy crochet madness sound?? Oh yes...it is so happening around here!?!!


Actually to tell the truth I am absolutely loving this at the moment and highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet discovered the highly rewarding and rather therapeutic hobby of crochet. Oh and if you are a clever someone who has been doing this for awhile you may want to look away now....I am still in the midst of finding my hooky wings and don't want to offend anyone with my bumbling amateur attempts....but it is SO much fun I just had to share!!


I have always been able to knit, for as long as I can remember, but only just started to teach myself to crochet about this time last year. I started with instructions from a children's craft book (yes. I like to keep things simple...) then purchased this gorgeous Erika Knight book. I l.o.v.e this book. First and foremost it has the most beautifully styled pictures and as an added bonus it really helps one to learn to crochet!!?!


So after learning the basics and fiddling about a bit I kind of tossed the crochet aside for a few months and took up the knitting needles again. I then managed to finish off a very simple straight forward blanket last month and decided it was time to master the....ta da.....Granny Square!!


It took me a few evenings of practicing and a lot of starting, pulling apart, and starting again but then it all kind of clicked and away I went....totally obsessed. I have now started a throw rug for the sofa using these two granny square patterns....I think they should look lovely together....fingers crossed anyway!!!


And there ends the tale of my latest little obsession...I think I will always be a knitter at heart but this crochet business has me hooked!!

I'm sorry...had to be said at some point, right??!


Have a fab day......

                                           Janelle  xx                                                                              


  1. Love it Janelle! And I absolutely love the grey. You've inspired me to give it a go.
    Anna :)

    1. Oh that's great to hear!!! It is so much fun!! x