Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good To Be Back......

Well Hey Hey!!


Long time no see, I know I know...a little glitch with computers and a bigger glitch with my techno challenged brain has kept us all apart for WAY too long but things seem to be under control now...not sure that actually applies to my brain buuuutttt......
                                                               has everyone been?? We have been enjoying our quiet little life around here...especially the past few weeks with the kids being on school that as NO SCHOOL LUNCHES TO MAKE.....and I've been doing my usual playing in the kitchen and starting a few hundred craft projects...a couple of DIY projects on the go too which I'll catch you up with over the next few weeks...
Meanwhile...these gorgeous woolly girls have been keeping us busy and entertained for the past 6 or so weeks....


Meet Mabel and her twin sister Olive...unfortunately their mummy died when they were born so we have happily stepped up and adopted them into our fam!!


SO pretty yes??!!!?


We love them. Even though they are constantly nibbling at all the plants in the garden and pooping on the deck. Their favourite place to sleep during the day is in the sunny patch snuggled right up against the living room glass doors...probs not the comfiest of spots for them but it makes for a pretty cute view for us!!!
Ok...I am off to bed...hoping to be back in the next couple of days to share a fab cookie recipe with you...just in time for the weekend!!

Stay happy folks.....


                                                                                                Janelle xx


  1. Welcome back. It is lovely to hear from you again. Your little lambs are adorable BTW.

    1. Thankyou! And yeah...they kind of are!! ;)

  2. Your little lambies inspired us to get one as well. We have welcomed Rosie into the craziness. The kids just adore her and I do too! Looking forward to a new recipe! Xo