Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crochet rug......complete!!!

Good Morning!! How are we this week? Feeling like a bit of show and tell? Hope so because I have finally in... crochet rug. Woo hoo!!!


I think I started this back in January? Sometime around then anyway...most of it has been done in the evenings...a square here...a few more there...and I have to say I enjoyed every single little stitch....loved making it and loooove how it has turned out.....


It's certainly not perfect but I think that's the beauty of homemade isn't it? Everything is individual and lovingly made....that's my excuse anyway!!


Now what to whip up next......


If you're looking for me anytime soon you shall find


Happy Thursday folks......


                                          Janelle  xx                                                                           


  1. Just lovely. I think I need to make one.

  2. Awesome Janelle! That is exactly what I had in mind to do for project this winter! Can you share the pattern pretty pls?? Xxxx

  3. Looks lovely Janelle! Fabulous color and looks so cozy :)
    Greeting from California,