Thursday, November 7, 2013

Magic headlice potion!!!!

Hello out there!!
So I thought I'd do my bit for the community today and pass on a little health tip. Yep....I'm a conscientious kind of citizen like that. Actually I want to share with you guys my little concoction I mix up to prevent the dreaded nits from entering our house. Yes that's we are talking headlice. In the smallest and quietest  font we can so that we don't disturb or attract them....                                                                              

I was given this 'recipe' back when my eldest started school. Maybe even kinder? Let's say about 5 or 6 years ago.  And in all that time we have only ever had the dreaded nits twice. Both times were in the school holidays when I wasn't bothering to squirt this magic potion in the kids' hair. I now squirt this in the kids' hair e.v.e.r.y  d.a.y.
So would you like my magic recipe?? Super super easy and cheaper (and I believe a lot more effective) than using the shop bought ones.

Let's roll........


                                                             Magic Headlice Potion

Tea tree oil
Baby oil
Spray bottle

Into the spray bottle tip about 1/4 of the tea tree bottle.


Add a little  baby oil  (and do make it little or the kid's will end up with greasy hair....not a cool look for school)


Then tip in your water. I usually go about half way up the spray bottle but it depends on how big the bottle is.


Pop the lid on your spray bottle and give it a good should look a little cloudy like this.......


And you are right to go and start squirting your children. Always remember to give it a shake before using. If you find their hair is getting too greasy just add more water to dilute it. And you really don't have to saturate their heads either, I just give a light squirt over the whole area and they are good to go. To be honest I don't even particularly like the smell of tea tree but the fact that I really do believe this helps does make me happily tolerate it. Plus the smell doesn't really linger on the kids for a long time.


Right, my work here is done for today......

Hope this may come in handy to some stage......

See you soon!!!

                                                    Janelle  xx

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