Friday, November 22, 2013

A little more Christmas craft........

Well Good Afternoon there!! It's Friday (yay!) and I can feel a little more craft coming on. Christmas craft that is.  A little knitting project to be exact.....


I knitted up one of these little Christmas trees a week or so ago and now cannot seem to stop!!


They are so quick and easy, perfect for whipping up in a matter of hours and then sitting back to admire your handy work with an over-inflated feeling of smug self-satisfaction!! Love it.


I don't feel I can really post the pattern on here as it isn't mine but it is, once again, taken from the beautiful book "The Knitter's Year" by Debbie Bliss. Obviously I am very much loving this book at the moment! These trees are simply 3 seperate pieces which are a kind of rectangle shape which you stitch up into triangles then just thread the ribbon through the 3 pieces to join them and make your Christmas tree. So simple and so cute!!


I'm thinking I need a few more and then will hang them on our Christmas tree.


I am loving the Christmas craft this year! Just call me Martha!!

Or not.

Have a fab weekend folks......

                                                           Janelle  xx                                                                                    

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