Monday, July 29, 2013

Look what I've done!!!

Hello there.....well I'm feeling rather pleased and proud of myself today....look what I've grown!!!


Yep...I have grown lavender!! Woo hoo!!!


I have tried growing this a few times before and failed...I know...who the heck fails at growing a plant that pretty much thrives on neglect??!? Anyway...I looove the look of lavender grown 'en masse' so a few months ago I plonked some cuttings I had pulled from my mum's lavender bushes in a garden out the front which gets a fair amount of sunshine...and promptly kind of forgot about them. I'm a good gardener like that...........


Thank goodness that was about the time it actually started to rain abit around here so between a little sunshine and a few showers these little lovelies took off.............


And this morning as I drove into the front yard I noticed that I not only have lavender growing in my front garden but lots of lavender. In a row. Forming......a....hedge!!!


Clearly it doesn't take much to excite me and this has certainly made my day. I now have a little home-grown bunch of sweet smelling lavender propped up in my kitchen (in a cute white tin bucket....more excitement...) and I am happy........


It is definitely all in the small things right???

Wishing you a very Happy Monday too......

                                             Janelle  xx                                                                                                                                                              

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  1. A girl after my own heart. Nothing better than having a row of lavender! One of my dreams is to own a lavender farm and have alpacas..:). I have had my eye on one for sale west of's just sitting there waiting for us to buy it. One day..