Friday, April 17, 2015

Cosy Friday Evening.......

Hello and Good Evening!!


Popping in for a quick Friday evening chat .... nope ... no food involved ;))

Tonight we have needles, yarn and lots and lots of snuggliness!!!


So recently I was very kindly asked by the fabulous crafty of craft store Lincraft to try out a few of their new patterns along with some of their gorgeous new yarn. Errmm....well ok....yes...yes please!!! The pattern book I recieved is full of fab and funky yet achievable projects that I think if you have mastered the basic purl and plain you will have no trouble in whipping up.


 Now as soon as I opened the page to see this cosy pair of goodness I knew this was what I wanted to click up first!! I have never attempted to knit a sock before...let alone two....but these were honestly one of the quickest, easiest, therefore very enjoyable projects I have knitted in a long time...gotta love that!!

And the yarn...oh yes...the yarn...

It's's's soft as...and knits up beautifully...


This particular one is named Equador and is 40% wool 40% acrylic 20% alpaca ... which seems to add up to a strong yet soft product...

And of course most importantly and what we all ultimately dream of as we click clack click away is that the end result looks good...and these socks most definitely are looking...and feeling...damn G.O.O.D. !!!


Whatcha think peeps???

I know what I think...I think I'm trotting off to bed now in my new cosy socks and, to be quite honest, loving myself sick!!!?!


Have a great weekend folks....
Talk soon....

                                                                                Janelle xx


  1. Those socks look really comfy. Which pattern book did you use?

    1. Hi Rosalind! The socks are great aren't they?! The pattern is a Lincraft one called Equador and I've used the Lincraft Equador yarn too. Happy knitting!!!