Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chocolate Date Balls

Hey out there!!

Well we have more food here to discuss today...surprise surprise...I appear to be moving slowly towards the food blogger box...I really really like food...mmmmmm....

SO! Let's get baking yes?? Not that this recipe really calls for any actual baking...of any type..or form...we are pretty much going to grab a few ingredients from out pantry, fling them at a food processor, have a little play with our food then throw the said played-with food into our fridges, walk away to do something of which I'm sure is vitally important then when we feel exhausted from all our importanceness (that has GOT to be a word...surely... ;)) we will make a cuppa, open the fridge and proceed to the sofa...played-with food in hand... to sit and scoff.......


Now these little balls of gooey chocolatey goodness are a healthy version of the good old Rum Ball...which I kind of hate even saying...as I  do believe that anything I bake for my family is generally healthy...I honestly think if my kids are eating homebaked food that I have made and know every ingredient which has gone into the food  then I am happy...most of my baking is pretty simple with basic ingredients...yes it may contain sugar GASP!!!!! but we only use raw sugar and usually at least halve the original recipe's quantity...I also believe sugar is fine for kids to enjoy and they do in fact need it for energy...just in a reasonable form and quantity...and for goodness sakes brush their teeth!!!! I would also choose sugar over a random scary processed number any day of the week. Aaaannd after spilling out that small rant I will definitely add that I never ever ever think bad thoughts about parent's stocking up on store bought cookies and cakes etc...I think we are all doing what we can to raise happy healthy families and trying to stay a little sane in the process!! I just happen to kind of enjoy/love/obsess about baking!!

Goodness...if anyone is still out there let's get on with this recipe...


                                                         Chocolate Date Balls


2 cups dates - give these a good wash
1 cup almonds - skins on
3 tablspns dutch or raw cacao powder (I actually just use my normal cocoa powder which is 100%                                                                    cocoa anyway)
1 heaped tablspn coconut oil
1 teaspn vanilla extract
1 tablspn honey
dessicated coconut - to roll


Throw the dates and almonds into your food processor and blitz until they are nice and fine

Now add the rest of your ingredients (except the coconut) and blitz again until it is all stuck together in a big sticky ball

Roll the mixture into small balls, roll in the coconut and place on a plate

Pop in the fridge until ready to eat


Easy right?! I was really quite sceptical about making these...I really do not like dates...but after watching half of the rest of the world making them I figured why not...and surprisingly it's not like eating a date!! Who woulda thought?!! And 2 out of 3 kids gave the thumbs up...the one who didn't is an up and coming chocolate (as in cadbury easter egg type choc) addict in the making anyway so she wasn't having any of this healthy option biz.

Ok...I'm outta here...things to do...biscuits to bake.....

See you next time!!

                                                                                        Janelle xx

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