Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey out there!!


Just a few random pics from my kitchen mantle today...I love the simplicity of all this...the last of our home grown roses slowly drooping in their cheap-but-oh-so-very-cheerful Ikea watering can...hanging out with a few bargain finds and my picture-of-the-month which I love to read everyday because it's just a damn good reminder to make everyday AMAZING!!!


I'm now off to scour the pantry for some baking inspo...it's kind of chilly here today...being the total sook that I am I have just lit the fire (is there anything better than lighting those first few fires of the season?!!) and feel the need to totally cosy the place up with a warm and delicious smelling oven!!


Have a fab day peeps...back soon with any baking inspo I may find...


                                                                                      Janelle xx