Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Baking Kick Off

Hey there! Well we are in our second day of December...that being our second day of Summer down here...and that being 23 or so days until Christmas...eeekkkk!!!!!


I am feeling a tad eeekkish this year...actually I tend to at this time every year...who am I kidding...I was thoughtless enough to have given birth to a gorgeous girl in December almost 7 years ago...now that gorgeous girl of course wants to enjoy her day and have parties etc at this very busy time!!


We usually hold off until after her big day before putting up the Xmas decorations and tree...however I did start the Xmas baking yesterday.....


Which will be fully consumed within the next few days...I love baking at Xmas time...extra trimmings and fun to be had!!


Have you started any Christmas baking yet? Would love to hear what you have been whipping up in your Xmassy kitchen!!!


Have a fab day folks...I'll pop back sometime with this very easy very tasty biscuit recipe....

Happy Baking....

                                               Janelle xx                                                                                

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