Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hey there!! Flying through this chilly Wednesday...much to do...never enough time right?!!
So on top of all the usual house-y, children-y, meeting with friends for coffee  and all round general life stuff, I have been busy working on a few crafty creations to hopefully share with the world by way of a
shop-y type scenario in the not too distant future whilst also, of course, learning new skills...and throw in a little bit of DIY on top of all that too...
Speaking of DIY, and who wouldn't be, this is my latest project...watcha think??


I did a little trading with my wardrobe swapped for a set of - win!! These are now currently sitting disassembled and part-sanded on the outside deck patiently waiting for their first coat of primer. I haven't completely made up my mind on the final colour...half thinking white but leaning closer towards black at the mo. New handles will be added too. Stay tuned!! The suspense is well and truly building!!!!

Now out into the hallway and we have a new hall runner. Well...three new hall runners to be exact.... (excuse the thong that has obviously been flung off at the front door.....still working on that child training thing...)


These are called rag runners and apparently are made up of second hand clothing which has been sent to India and cleverly been made up into these beauties!! Love it...recycling at it's very best!! They are obviously seperrated here but I now have them butted up together...I will actually sew them together when I, you know, have time!!?!
And see that little yellow chair sitting there? Yep...she was sitting pretty at the dining table until one day, I looked over and decided I could no longer live with that much colour, especially such a yellow colour in my kitchen. I"m still quite fond of her, just not all day every day in my kitchen! Not sure she actually belongs here in the hall either but she is staying there for now. Meanwhile I have dragged this black number over to the dining table....


Aaaahhhhhh....much better yes??!?

Another super quick paint job I completed a few weeks back was this toy box of my son's. It was white...nothing offensive or horrid...but I felt his room needed a little oomph added to it. Sooooo.....


Here's the oomph...better yes? I was first thinking black but then decided this charcoal would probs work better in his room...I love how it adds some colour and depth to the feel of the room. Lizzie the plastic lizard in the fishbowl loves it too.....

And had to be done...Yes. It. Did. After conquering knitting, then crochet I have now set my sights on learning the good old fashioned crafters skill of.....


Yep. Macrame!!! Yay!!!!! I obviously haven't gotten  too far along with it here but I have so many ideas floating around in my head I am determined to get this!! Seriously...get yourself on pinterest and search macrame...there is some fantastic work out there!! Gone are the days of the boring old pot hangers.....well actually there are quite a few pot hangers still about but think neon pinks and yellows and chunky twine etc...
Yep...I am just a tad excited about this new craft!!

Oh and must mention...the lovely Kylie from Townmouse Countrymouse  featured a little pic of some White Farm bunnies that hopped over to her place...go and check them out! I also had a little chat with Kylie last week, pop on over here to read along....she is really sweet and will make you feel very welcome!! that's just a bit of what I've been up to of late...

How's about you? DIYing? Shuffling random chairs about the house?? Dare I ask it...working on some macrame?????

Take care...

                                                                                     Janelle  xx                                                                                


  1. Wow, I don't think I'd get that much done in a year of DIY or crafting. Well done, you!

    1. Ha! Thanks Maureen...could still do with a few extra hours though?? :)

  2. Love it all, where did you get the rag runners - they look fab and I am into all things recycled!

    1. Thanks...found these runners at Ishka :))