Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pizza Scrolls......

Hey's things this fine Wednesday?? I am enjoying quite a bit of Autumn-ish sunshine this is beautiful!! I also seem to be enjoying food as I have another recipe to share with you guys...and really need this one. Especially if you have kids...ever hungry "I am going to die if I don't eat every 5 minutes" type kids...surely I'm not the only parent with these in the house?????

So...we are talking savoury for a bit of a change up around roll ups...pinwheels...scrolls...whatever you may choose to name them in your household I have an easy-as quick no-fuss how-to guide for you right here.....

*Insert pretty picture of ready made food item......oh yummmm.......


So, have we decided what to call these babies?? Hhmmm....let's go with pizza scrolls because I think anything with the word "pizza" in it will appeal to pretty much any child, or adult, out there.....

                                                                  Pizza Scrolls                                                              



2 1/2 cups self-raising flour
30grams cold butter - chopped into small pieces
1 cup milk


Whatever you please.

For these ones I used....

Tomatoe paste - enough to give a good spread around
Dried basil
Cheddar cheese - grated
Shredded ham


1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees

2. Throw your flour into a large-ish bowl then add your chopped up butter. Rub the butter into the flour with your finger tips. Add milk and mix until just combined.
Toss into a food processor and wizz away.
I do have a processor but takes no time at all to rub in the butter and mix in the milk and my hands are alot quicker and easier to wash than the processor parts!?!


3. Ok..roll out your dough into a rectangle...roughly 30 - 40 cm...I've never actually measured...guess away I say...


4. Now spread on your tomatoe paste, sprinkle on that basil, ham then cheese.


5. Roll up your dough into a log shape and cut your scrolls...I make mine about 2cm (1 inch) thick.


6. Pop them onto a lined baking tray and throw into the oven for approx 15-20 minutes.

And that.

How quick and easy? And tasty?? The possibilities here for fillings are pretty much endless. We started off making them with vegemite and cheese in them but as all three kiddos like the pizza ones I have stuck with them for now. Next time I will be adding pineapple and olives. Maybe sundried toms and feta? A smart mummy on Instagram said she sneeks vegies into hers - brilliant!

And the absolute best thing that I reeeeally love about these, aside from the fact they are delicious and my children all happily eat them, is once they have cooled down I simply wrap them separately in clingfilm and throw them into the freezer and there is the school lunches...well part of them anyway....done and dusted...always a good thing!!


Ok...that's it from me today...happy baking...would love to hear any further suggestions for fillings....always up for fresh new food ideas!!

See you next time.....

                                                       Janelle  xx    


  1. If I had butter in the fridge I think I'd go and bake some now they look so good!
    Lisa x

    1. Ha! Go buy that'll be worth it!! x

  2. Made these and they were a massive hit in our house!!! I did use leftover pizza dough which still worked well, but will give your dough recipe a whirl too…Thks for the idea. Our youngest bub is having them for breakfast and loving them- good mum that I am!!!